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ROKU® System MFS Combined Penetration Seal

EI 90 / 120

The ROKU® System MFS Combined Penetration Seal consists of the high performance coating ROKU® MFC 200 and two coated ROKU® MFP mineral fibre panels. Plastic pipes are sealed with the ROKU® AWM II collar. The insulation of copper pipes with synthetic rubber insulation or metal pipes with mineral wool insulation is covered with ROKU® Strip (Thickness 1,5 mm, Width 100 mm). Cables or electrial lines are covered with ROKU® MFC 200 ablation coating on both sides of the sealing at a length of at least 15 cm and a thickness of 1 mm.


  • Sealing of electrical lines up to max. 80 mm diameter in solid walls, drywall partitions and solid ceilings
  • Sealing of electric installation pipes with and without cables up to max. 63 mm single diameter or 125 mm bundle diameter
  • Sealing of combustible wastewater pipes (PE, PP, PVC) up to ≤ 160 mm
  • Copper pipes insulated with synthetic rubber up to max. Ø 88,9 mm
  • Metal pipes up to 160 mm insulated with mineral fibre (Thickness 20 to 50 mm)


  • Fire protection coating ROKU® MFC 200 is suitable for the application in wet and humid areas
  • Easy installation and subsequent installation
  • High flexibility

Supplied form

Supplied form MFS Combined Penetration Seal

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Available documents:

Technical Data Sheet


European Technical Assessment
ROKU® System MFS Combi mortar - ETA-15/0014


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