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Innovative special solutions

As a manufacturer and developer of preventive building fire protection materials, we receive enquiries for special solutions every single day. In order to be able to always offer the best and most appropriate solution for your requirement, we are constantly working on the development of our products. In our laboratories equipped with special furnaces, we simulate realistic fire situations and test new processes and materials. Through that kind of examination of materials, we are constantly perfecting our product range and develop innovative solutions.

Special solutions: Individually foaming profile seals
Fire protection systems – Housing technology solutions
Pipe, cable and combined seals consisting of fire protection collars, strips and pads as well as fire protection grids
Fire protection components – Industrial materials
Foaming and energy-absorbing products, foaming profiles, fire protection boards, pasty-foaming building materials as well as adhesives and adhesive strips
Fire protection accessories – Accessories for the glazing industry
Fire protection glazing pads, fire protection glazing strips, fire protection silicone and the ROKU® round glazing system GHL
Depending upon the area of application and the application requirement, the most diverse of properties such as flexibility, functionality and colour are required for foaming profile seals. In order to combine all of these characteristics, a process using co-extrusion has been developed to connect a flexible-functional part, e.g. in the form of a lip, with the intumescent material. The co-extruded material is also available in different colours. We individually manufacture the profile seals on request. Our profile seals that we have manufactured can be seen under the Kerafix® Everseal product range.

Special solution: Pre-sealing
An example of a very special enquiry for a special solution was a seal in an existing building. The problem with this construction was that, due a pronounced connecting element, it was not possible for the sealing to take place within or directly in the wall; it had to be positioned in front of the wall. With the help of our company-owned water jet cutting machine, a special construction of the pre-seal consisting of fire protecting boards and foaming building materials was produced. Thanks to this special construction, time-consuming structural alteration works and claddings were prevented on the construction site and the responsible fire protection company was able to quickly and professionally assemble the construction in a few simple steps. Naturally, the building fire protection stipulations were fully met and the safety hazards were minimized as a result.