Building components and firestop boards – as unique as your project

Components used in passive structural fire protection must meet extremely stringent criteria: They are required to satisfy high quality and safety standards, they are subjected to extensive performance testing, and they are expected to be as versatile in use as possible.

Innovative structural shapes meet and even exceed these criteria as they open up new avenues of use also for firestop boards: Firestop boards are not only designed for direct use in preventive structural fire protection (i.e. for installation in walls and floors), but also constitute an invaluable asset when it comes to manufacturing customised building components (e.g. for fire protection doors, safety doors and inspection flaps)!

However, it is only with thoughtful planning and expert implementation that building elements and firestop boards can evolve into a strong team by forming a close bond that will reliably withstand the impact of fire. We will be pleased to provide extensive advice about the following aspects:

Selection of building materials

Manufacture of building components

Machining/treatment of firestop boards

Services tailored to customers’ specifications

Our fleet of machinery – top technology from one-off to high-volume parts

Our fleet of machinery includes:

  • CNC machining centre
  • High-pressure water jet cutting device
  • Board dividing saws
  • Four-side planers
  • Surface grinding machine
  • Glue spreader machine
  • Assembly areas
  • Stapling stations

Our dedicated team of experts is up to any challenge, and the consultancy service we provide is as comprehensive as all the other services you can expect us to deliver, i.e. we will not only help you select the optimum firestop board material for your project, but will also take care of design and manufacture.

Whether it’s customised single parts, serially manufactured or special components, whether it’s small, medium or large-scale materials, whether it’s bulky or filigree components – our cut-to-size board materials leave nothing to be desired. We handle all board materials on a contract manufacturing basis and thus in perfect accordance with your needs and preferences, from pre-assembled boards all the way through to complete elements. Our state-of-the-art machinery is highly flexible so that we can work materials in many different ways.

Rolf Kuhn manufacturing processes – designed to the highest standards

Powerful machines are one thing, their wise use is another. At Rolf Kuhn, we give equal weight to both so that you can expect us to provide the best choice for your specific needs from a multitude of procedures.

Our manufacturing processes include:

  • Production and machining of sawn, drilled and milled parts
  • Machining of round edge parts
  • Manufacture of shaped parts
  • Development of special components and solutions
  • High-precision board cutting to custom dimensions
  • Machining of all commercially available boards and sandwich materials
  • Adjustment to custom board thicknesses
  • Bonding of all board materials

Thanks to our technologically excellent equipment, we can not only cut to size boards as per your specifications, but we are also able to produce complex and sophisticated CNC-machined milling parts, prefabricated shaped parts or semi-processed materials. Our portfolio also includes manufacture of bonded composite elements and subsequent trimming as well as cutting to size of glazing blocks for fire protection glazings. In everything we do, we ensure that all deliverables arrive on time and in impeccable quality: Designed by us – made for you!

Material selection – you make the choice, we make the difference

As our range of firestop boards evolves in step with our customers’ needs, we can offer a multitude of materials and a broad range of products from one source – all made by Rolf Kuhn. If you are looking for boards or shaped parts, you can choose from many different basic materials:

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Mineral fibre

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Intumescent (i.e. foam-seal forming) building materials

Only quality designed towards durability will ensure reliable functionality and is key to all-round customer satisfaction. Therefore, the building materials we supply must meet stringent capability requirements: They are not only subjected “as is” to realistic lab tests, but must also prove their merit in repeat experiments on building components and, of course, in real-life emergencies. This practical capability testing relies on seamless integration between board production and quality control, which – by the way – also includes small-scale fire testing.