Fire Protection Materials for the Processing Industry

Are you looking to source fire protection materials for building components such as fire protection doors, fire protection glazings, fire protection dampers, safes and safety cabinets? Then we at svt have it – the building material that meets your needs!

Whether you require reactive materials based on graphite (e. g.  KERAFIX® Flexpan or ROKU® Strip), fire protection boards based on plaster or calcium silicate, glazing blocks, adhesives or sealants: The extensive product portfolio of Rolf Kuhn GmbH, which is marketed and sold internationally by svt Products, offers just the right solution for every fire protection requirement.

Portfolio of Rolf Kuhn
Fire Protection Materials

The portfolio of fire protection materials includes:

  • Fire protection boards
  • Insulation materials
  • Reactive materials
  • High-viscosity building materials / Sealants
  • Glazing blocks
  • Adhesives
  • Plastic granulate
  • Gaskets
  • Custom and one-off solutions

Detailed information about our fire protection materials can be found at