Development, consultancy, production – all-round fire protection to perfection

From the very beginning of its activity many years ago, Rolf Kuhn GmbH has made a name for itself as a forward-thinking company, with a particular focus on developing and implementing ideas with insight, inspiration and impact. For example, not only were we pioneers in discovering the huge potential of intumescent materials (i.e. of materials creating a fire protective foam barrier in the event of a fire), but we were also one of the first companies worldwide to bring these materials to the market!

Founded in 1976, Rolf Kuhn boasts a long track record in the development and production of flexible fire protection solutions. Thanks to our in-house research & development department, Rolf Kuhn’s material portfolio is constantly evolving as we meticulously check each fire protection solution for ease of use, effectiveness and efficiency. We at Rolf Kuhn take responsibility in passive technical fire protection seriously because we care about your safety and peace of mind, knowing that they can only be ensured with a bunch of professional people who share the same sense of responsibility and ownership.

Smart from the start: Well-designed fire protection materials make well-designed systems

The success story of Rolf Kuhn GmbH began with fire protection materials – and it has continued seamlessly ever since. However, Rolf Kuhn would not be Rolf Kuhn if success had remained limited to the field of materials: Rather, we have kept expanding our expertise and success by developing smart integrated solutions. In the field of building services engineering, for example, we offer a wealth of well-engineered overall solutions, including reactive materials, firestop boards, glazing blocks and adhesives as well as many different fire protection systems for pipes and cables. We are also perfectly familiar with all aspects relating to fire protection collars because we are the developers of the well-known ROKU® AWM, ROKU® IWM and ROKU® system collars that have come to constitute a key component in preventive fire protection.

Rolf Kuhn fire protection collars are sold worldwide via svt Products GmbH customers in Germany are served by Flamro Brandschutz Vertriebs GmbH.

Special solutions steeped in innovation – customisation at its best

Over our many years of activity, we have gained unparallelled expertise and experience in the development and manufacture of materials and systems designed for preventive fire protection. This unique asset has earned us great trust from our customers, and since word of quality gets around, we are also regularly entrusted with implementing sophisticated special solutions. As we strive to meet even the most challenging needs to a top-notch quality standard, we work on constantly evolving our products to keep abreast of the times. We maintain laboratories equipped with special furnaces enabling us to simulate realistic fire scenarios and to test new procedures and materials. In this way, we keep honing our portfolio of materials with a view to developing solutions that are not only new, but genuinely innovative.

Four pillars – one goal: your satisfaction

Icon Safety
Passionate people with bright minds think ahead and anew! Our know-how grown from decades of experience benefits our customers in many ways because it is reflected not only in the ease of use and installation of our proven fire protection materials, but is also passionately poured into the creation and ongoing evolution of innovative solutions made by Rolf Kuhn. At our in-house research facility, creative expertise meets technological excellence to keep you safe right from the start.
Icon 360 Grad
And there is yet more we can do for you: As a manufacturing business engaged in a sophisticated segment of preventative industrial fire protection within svt Group, we offer our customers not only in-depth precautionary advice and support, but can also arrange for the provision of further services in the field of passive fire protection and damage restoration – that’s customer care as complete as it gets!
Icon Regional
We set high standards for ourselves when it comes to customer safety and satisfaction – so why should you settle for anything less? From the early going, we have attached great importance to devising our own comprehensive solutions that add quality and value to our customers’ business. Therefore, we believe that only the best is good enough for you! Our “Made in Germany” principle is your best quality guarantee because it involves compliance with all relevant standards, laws and regulations.
Icon Health
We take care of our planet Earth and of our fellow human beings by using resources in a responsible manner. Therefore, we manufacture and handle our materials consistently in tune with the latest insights derived from research in the fields of occupational safety, health and environmental protection. This approach helps us act today for a sustainable tomorrow.

Regional roots – worldwide branches

Rolf Kuhn GmbH today ranks among the leading companies specialised in the development and manufacture of fire protection materials and fire protection systems for the processing industry. The company is at home in the German town of Erndtebrück, situated in the Siegen-Wittgenstein area in North Rhine-Westphalia, where it employs a team of around 100 staff. With a number of representative offices abroad, Rolf Kuhn GmbH is also present in over 21 countries across the globe. In 2018, Rolf Kuhn GmbH joined the svt Group of Companies, thus remaining true to its “Made in Germany” principle. Thanks to the strong alliance under the roof of svt, Rolf Kuhn GmbH can excel even more as a reliable supplier with firm regional roots and global reach catering to domestic and foreign markets alike. If you are looking for a top-notch manufacturer of preventive fire protection materials and fire protection systems, then welcome to the right place: Rolf Kuhn GmbH of Erndtebrück is sure to provide what you need – from information and inspiration through to ingenious innovation.

Success makes history

Every path to success begins with a first step – no one could know better than Rolf Kuhn himself, who founded the Rolf Kuhn company way back in 1976. “Pioneering towards success” might be an apt title for this company (hi)story because Rolf Kuhn GmbH has not only developed the well-known fire protection collar ROKU® AWM II, but is also recognised as one of the first companies worldwide to have launched intumescent materials on the market! Thanks to wise investments and other meaningful planning steps, both the company’s offering portfolio and the company itself have steadily grown so that Rolf Kuhn GmbH today occupies a leading position in the area of preventive industrial fire protection.



The first step:
Rolf Kuhn ventures into self-employment, acting as a commercial agent for various brands.



Foundation of Rolf Kuhn GmbH – pioneering towards success:
Rolf Kuhn GmbH ranks among the first companies worldwide to put intumescent materials on the market.



The portfolio grows:
The range of materials is complemented by firestop boards.



… and keeps growing:
Production of fire protection collars.



Success signed and sealed:
First-time certification to ISO 9001 ff.



The portfolio keeps growing even further:
Market launch of ROKU® Strip, a highly effective foam-forming building material.



Rolf Kuhn as a company keeps growing, too:
Takeover of Gluske GmbH – milestone and starting point for customised offer preparation and serial manufacture for industrial clients.



Two become one:
Merger of Gluske GmbH into Rolf Kuhn GmbH. The research & development section grows into a full-fledged research centre.



Rolf Kuhn keeps growing even further:
Takeover of Flamro Brandschutz-Systeme GmbH.



Future-fit technology:
Investment into a cutting-edge CNC machining centre.



A strong union:
Rolf Kuhn GmbH joins the svt Group of Companies headquartered in Seevetal (in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region).

Strong on our own – even stronger together

In 2018, Rolf Kuhn GmbH joined the svt Group – a highly qualified supplier of all-round worry-free solutions in the fields of preventive fire protection and damage restoration. The breadth and depth of svt’s offering portfolio is unique across Europe because the Group pools the products, materials and services of six manufacturing businesses – namely of svt, Rolf Kuhn, Flamro, AIK, Odice and Securo – under one powerful roof so that it can offer an unparallelled wealth of state-of-the-art fire protection solutions for the most varied environments and requirements. The Group’s portfolio stretches from materials and systems designed for residential structural engineering and industrial construction projects, through applications for infrastructure, energy, aviation, ships and rolling stock, to solutions for fire protection doors and batteries. A strong community makes each of its members (even) stronger – this benefits not least the clientele who can now get the most out of this smart pooling arrangement by choosing among the cream of the crop from one single source.