Research for cutting-edge solutions

When it comes to preventive industrial fire protection, we at Rolf Kuhn GmbH have been inventive pioneers right from the start. As a recognised specialist company in the field of fire protection, we also contribute to shaping standards in the industry because we believe that only solid research provides solid solutions that will stand the test of time and fire. On that note, we have been pioneers in discovering the huge potential of intumescent materials (i.e. of materials creating a fire protective foam barrier in the event of a fire), and we were also one of the first companies worldwide to launch these materials successfully on the market!

At our in-house testing and laboratory facilities, we check the fire behaviour and resistance of many different fire-rated building components, e.g. doors, façades, glazings, penetration seals and other accessories. We thus provide comprehensive assistance and support to our national and international customers from the initial phases of product development all the way through to project completion.

Safety right from the start

Your safety and peace of mind matter to us; therefore, nothing at all goes without meticulous research and extensive fire testing. Each and every material or system developed by Rolf Kuhn GmbH must prove its worth beyond doubt, only then will it be approved for the next step. Safety to us also means hassle-free application; therefore, our customers’ needs in everyday practice (e.g. broad range of application and ease of use) play an important part in all our research and development activities.

From preliminary testing through to the official approval stage

Our in-house research and development department ensures that we deliver nothing but innovative, practice-proven solutions of top-notch quality that will meet even the most sophisticated requirements. We conduct extensive preliminary testing on each new material and solution until it exhibits all required properties.

In order to consistently meet our own high quality standards for Rolf Kuhn fire protection materials and fire protection systems, we monitor our production processes on an ongoing basis and submit the results to independent third-party laboratories for verification. We have our materials and systems subjected to regular fire testing both in Germany and abroad as this is the basis for the award of official approvals at national and international level.

Our fire protection materials and systems are at work in all climatic zones of the world – their inherent properties make them fit for use even in projects with special safety requirements. Most of Rolf Kuhn fire protection materials and systems are subjected to national testing (for the award of AbP/ General Building Inspectorate Test Certificates, AbZ/General Building Inspectorate Approvals) and to international testing (for the award of ETA/European Technical Assessments); the requirements of international standards (e.g. EN, UL and FM) are also fully met.

Fire testing within the svt Group of Companies

The svt Group of Companies boasts four state-of-the-art fire testing facilities to conduct development-related experiments and indicative fire tests. These facilities are equipped with flue gas scrubbing systems so that testing can be performed in an economically and environmentally acceptable manner. Based on the results gained from these fire tests, we devise efficient case-by-case solutions that meet even the most sophisticated application requirements. Whenever specific questions need to be resolved, fire testing also provides a reliable basis for subsequent expert assessments and for the award of project-related approvals (ZiE). svt’s Research Centre is also open cooperation partners for their own development projects in the field of fire protection engineering.