Rolf Kuhn – preventive industrial fire protection to perfection

Rolf Kuhn GmbH has carved out a long-standing name for itself in the manufacture, assembly and sale of intumescent fire protection materials (i.e. of materials that swell as a result of heat exposure, thus creating a fire protective barrier). We are a medium-sized German company with expertise in different areas: We are specialised not only in the production and sale of fire protection materials for the processing industry, specifically the door industry, but also on supplying integrated systems for building services engineering as well as fire protection accessories for the glazing industry. Our pursuit of perfection knows no borders, so fire protection materials and systems made by Rolf Kuhn GmbH are at work not only around the clock, but also around the world.

Fire protection materials by Rolf Kuhn

Whether it’s reactive materials, insulation materials, firestop boards, glazing blocks or adhesives: Our intumescent (foaming and energy-absorbing) product solutions have got the lot and more because if you opt for them, they will provide added safety not only for yourself, but also for those who put their trust in you and your work.

Lock cases
Wall and ceiling coverings
Fireproof safes
Airflow systems
Door frame & door leaf
Door closers
Insulation plate in door panels
Fire dampers
Fire protection industrial doors
Safety storage cabinets
Fire protection glazing
Profile fillings
Pipes and cable tubes

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Safety builds on quality

We want you to feel safe! Therefore, quality maintenance and ongoing quality assurance are top priorities with Rolf Kuhn. Thanks to our decades of experience in the field of fire protection, we possess comprehensive technical expertise and profound industry knowledge so that we can offer the optimum solution for each project. Whatever you need delivered to your doorstep, whether it’s an integrated solution or large-scale materials manufacture or customised single-part production: We will accommodate your requirements without ifs and buts … but with maximum commitment.

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We take an active stance when it comes to passive fire protection – this approach benefits our customers day by day. We tackle even the most sophisticated and challenging tasks in industrial preventive fire protection with energy and dynamism because making a difference is our strength.

Sven Weßler, Site Manager of Rolf Kuhn GmbH

Über uns

Innovation built on tradition

Innovation is a long-standing and proven tradition at Rolf Kuhn GmbH. We are tireless in our prevention-oriented research to develop innovative, efficient and at the same time perfectly workable fire protection materials and systems that ensure safety into the future.

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Building components made to measure

Our facility boasts state-of-the-art machinery that enables us to manufacture everything you need – from cut-to-size panels to prefabricated shaped parts and building components. You select the shape, machining/treatment technique and packaging – we make it happen.

Karriere bei Rolf Kuhn

Your career at Rolf Kuhn

Thanks to a team of highly motivated individuals, Rolf Kuhn GmbH has been moving from success to success right from the start. Would you like to create your own success story at Rolf Kuhn? Then come and join us!